Avoid These Common Mistakes with Your Video Shoots

Avoid These Common Mistakes with Your Video Shoots

The differences between videos produced by amateur videographers and professionals are obvious for viewers but not that obvious if you are the one behind the camera. As your mind is filled with numerous thoughts, it is all too easy to overlook several essential aspects during your video shoots and these mistakes might be difficult to fix afterward.

Check out the following common mistakes amateurs often make during their first video shoots.

Excessive Zooming

There are limited options in lower-end consumer video cameras yet all of them have a zoom function. It is possibly the reason why many amateurs overuse it. When you look closely at things shown on TV and movies, you wouldn’t really notice this zoom effect. On the other hand, home videos are filled with excessive that can weaken the overall production. Get closer with your camera as often as you can and people will definitely continue paying attention. You can also try using a wide shot whenever possible as it produces better picture quality.

Poor Framing

The last thing people want to see is the top of the head or bottom of the chin of their favorite actor cut off by the frame. It is crucial for your composition to strike the perfect balance. Some videographers with a bit of experience tend to place everyone in the center to avoid this mistake. However, this too is a wrong move as it can get boring.

The real secret here is to make use of the rule of thirds for your video shoots. The subjects are kept on the lines that divide the frames, the years on the upper section, and the movement placed on the third section that is opposite the direction where the actor moves to maintain space in the front section. It may sound simple but not so in practice. But, you will learn how to do it right through experience.


One more thing amateurs usually overlook with their video shoots is the way light affects the appearance of the subjects on the screen. It is the reason why people under the sun or in front of windows have dark faces. The secret here is to have the most powerful source of light placed right in front of your subject. In cases when you have to use light behind the actor, you can simply increase exposure to blow out the background. A clear face without background is better than a dark face with a wonderful background.

No Tripod

Never assume that you can easily handle your camera with your own two hands because the truth is, you can’t. A strong and steady tripod is a more feasible option, particularly for long video shoots. Cinematographers never hold the camera themselves during professional cinema productions.

Background Noise 

A lot of videographers don’t consider the background noise during their video shoots. Cameras have embedded omnidrectional microphones that don’t just capture the sounds you need but even the sounds of vehicles on a nearby highway, kids playing outside, the wind, or even planes flying above. To get a clearer sound, clear out all or most background noise as possible.

Avoid these common mistakes to have better video shoots than ever.